You probably arrived here because you ride bikes or you have been affected by childhood cancer…or both. Us too. And, maybe you found yourself here because you wanted to do something to help, but you don't know how to make a difference. We've been there, and we're Wit You!  


Families with a childhood cancer diagnosis set off on a long, scary, draining road. But it doesn’t have to be a lonely one. We’ve heard from families that small gestures can make a huge difference, like getting advice from someone who’s been in their shoes, feeling the comfort and support of family and friends, and counting on someone to take care of a few errands. Fortunately, there are lots of organizations who know how best to help – help make sense of it, help research, help advocate, help with bills, help cook and clean, help keep track of schedules and doctors


Our story started with Nicholas’s diagnosis in 2018. Back then, riding bikes kept us connected and healthy -- building our strength in a number of ways. Now, we ride bikes and rally the community around the more than 200 local families that begin a battle with childhood cancer every year.

We exist to support families who have a child with cancer and to support the organizations that know all the right things to do and say. We are Wit You like onions on cheesesteaks, and we’re working to help lift up families in their most challenging days until there’s a cure. 


Wit You Against Childhood Cancer,

Brendan, Dana, Dave, Kate, Lou, Matt, and Steve